A downloadable game

Made in 14 days for MFG Jam 2021.

Theme: Free


When I step onto the pitch,
All my troubles go away.
And the only thing that matters
On the field, is the beautiful game.
- Unknown

It's an honor to be part of the centuries old tradition... of streaking through a football match naked. Free from your clothes. Feeling wind on your bare skin.

Avoid security, excite the crowd, and escape before anyone catches you.

Knock over the other streakers as punishment for trying to steal your thunder! If the guards are dumb enough then they will grab those imposters instead.


W,A,S,D for movement

Force close the game to exit


Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsLetholor, Lurker in the Wires, Kira (aka Kiraroci)
Tags2D, Arcade, My First Game Jam, Singleplayer


Winning_Streak.zip 163 MB


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Amusing concept, brought a smile to my face.  

I like the way the player gets smaller as they get further away.  The player sprite animation is great too. 

After playing the game once and trying to play a second game it showed me a combination of the menu and "I was robed!!" screens and I had to Alt+F4.

A more detailed playing area and sound effects would be great additions.


This was a neat idea but I have to say that everything doesn't feel too fleshed out and in general rather buggy. Enemies would just get stuck in place or pile on each other. Music really would have helped to sell the concept as well.


Neat premise and idea, really like the perspective of the camera, can't wait to see how you continue with the development!


What a funny game! The perspective is interesting to get to know and the movement feels nice to control. I really liked the animation for the security folk dropping in from the sky, that added that last bit of funny to the whole thing, like a garnish.

Congrats for doing the jam! And good work!


Very funny little game. The perspective is quite interesting, makes you feel like you are a camera watching the field. 


This is awesome!


Lol I love it!